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Re-decorating your home is an exciting project. You can reinvent the room's purpose through simple-sounding changes like the paint colour, the accessories you choose or the flooring.

Each individual factor has a big impact on the whole. For example, the colours you choose can affect how the room feels in a big way. Need to open up a small room? Using light colours can go a long way to achieving that. Much less expensive than knocking through a wall. Just as important is the flooring you go for. This is another factor that's dependent on what the room's use is. In a bathroom, solid wood floors are big no-no, and a tiled bedroom could be a good way to wake up in the morning, but wouldn't be as comfortable when you're going to bed.

For a bedroom, one option you can't beat is carpet. Carpets give you warmth and comfort: just what you need for a bedroom. At CarpetStyle, if you're decorating and trying to choose carpets in Glasgow, we've got some great options.

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We've been selling flooring for a few years. Established in Coatbridge since 1980, we've helped many customers since then find the perfect floor.

Like our name would suggest - we know carpets. So when it comes to carpet and flooring in Glasgow, you can trust us to help you find what you need. There are a lot of carpet shops in Glasgow, but we think our expertise sets us apart. Whatever your budget, we have carpet and flooring in Glasgow, all available at a wide range of prices.

We aim to give you the best value for money and we're proud of the great deals that you can take advantage of in-store. We stock a huge variety of carpets in Glasgow. We have products from many of the major flooring manufacturers in the country. Thanks to this fantastic range, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for with us. 

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There are two main categories of carpet. Loop carpet means that the fibres are woven back into the backing, forming loops. These carpets are generally more textured. The other kind is cut-loop. As the name suggests, all carpets start off as loop. With cut-loop there's an extra step: the top of the loops are cut.

There are a lot of styles to choose from after that. A good question to ask yourself is: what are you looking for the carpet to do? Saxony is a great choice when comfort is the priority thanks to its deep pile. It's unsuitable for high-traffic areas for that reason: wear shows much quicker on carpets with a deep pile.

Loop carpets are generally more hard-wearing, with options such as Berber more up to the challenge. We stock all of these carpets in Glasgow and many more besides. 

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