Our Range of Carpets

As you'd expect with such a wide range of carpets, we've got plenty of options to choose from - no matter your budget. In our store, you'll find a huge number of manufacturers and brands to choose from, all with enough colours and styles to satisfy any taste.

Carpet can be divided into two main categories depending on its pile (the fibres that make up the carpet): Cut-pile and loop.

All carpets start off as loop, which means that the fibres of the carpet are woven back into the backing of the carpet – forming loops. An example of this style is a Berber carpet. Cut-pile is just that: the loops of the carpet are cut. The popular Saxony style is a cut-loop carpet.

All of our carpets are available in “Multi Width” to accommodate larger rooms. We also offer stain resistant ranges to give you extra peace of mind. Here’s a quick overview of some of the popular styles that we offer:

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Twist Pile

A cut-loop carpet. The pile of a twist-pile carpet is twisted and heat set, giving it a textured appearance. This is one of the most popular styles of carpet in the modern home. At CarpetStyle, we offer a wide range of twist-pile carpets: it includes plain, two-tone and striped styles. 

Twist Pile Carpet Glasgow


A traditional and elegant choice, Saxony is the carpet that would come to mind first for most people. Due to its deeper pile, it has an extremely luxurious texture, with a classic look to match. Saxony is a cut-loop carpet and is best suited for rooms such as a bedroom or living room.


Berber is a loop carpet, and one of the classic examples of that style. A loop-carpet is hard-wearing thanks to its construction and with loops of different heights, you get a unique texture. Loop carpets are fairly easy to clean: it’s harder for stains to sink into the pile of the carpet. 

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Wool Carpets

At CarpetStyle, we stock these classic styles and many more besides.

We offer a fantastic range of wool carpets: not only is it a natural material, but it’s famed for its strength and comfort. It’s a sustainable material and, of course, 100% natural. Just add sunlight, water and grass to sheep.

Our range of wool carpets comes in a huge range of different pile weights, mixes, backings and widths. In addition to the styles mentioned above, we stock woven axminster, specialist tartan carpets and rugs.

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