Engineered Wood

Smart Flooring

Engineered wood is cleverly constructed in comparison to solid wood flooring.

It’s made up of three layers: the top layer is constructed from a solid wood. It’s available in a variety of species, finishes and thickness. Depending on the thickness of this layer, the floor can be sanded and refinished to get rid of wear – just like a solid wood floor.

This is supported by a central core that gives the flooring stability and a backing board. Because the solid wood part of engineered flooring is a layer this makes it a more sustainable choice.

Going Where Solid Wood Can't

Engineered wood flooring has a far wider application than solid wood flooring. Do you have underfloor heating in your home but still want the appeal of a solid wood floor? Then engineered flooring is the best option for you.

It’s not as susceptible to moisture when compared to solid wood flooring so can be used in rooms where solid wood can’t. Solid wood flooring is susceptible to expansion and shrinkage due to moisture. This limits its suitability as a flooring material. Thanks to engineered wood flooring’s construction, it isn’t as limited.

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Easy Installation

The installation of engineered flooring is incredibly easy too. It’s possible to install it as a floating floor which means the installation is even more convenient.

At CarpetStyle, the engineered flooring we stock uses a sophisticated ‘loc’ system. Installation isn’t only quick and easy, it’s secure too.

Engineered flooring is a way to get the aesthetic appeal of a solid wood floor without any of the potential drawbacks.

As the top layer is constructed of solid wood, no one will be able to tell it’s actually engineered wood – unless you tell them yourself.

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