Vinyl Flooring

Modern Vinyl Flooring

Modern flooring techniques mean that vinyl flooring is a real alternative to natural flooring. Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to tell whether a floor’s tiled or vinyl just by looking at it.

The only thing that’s remained the same is its affordability. Vinyl is still a wallet-friendly choice if you want the beauty of a hardwood floor, but don’t want to break the bank. 

It isn’t just price that vinyl wins on. It’s more comfortable than natural flooring. Ever stepped onto tiles first thing in the morning with bare feet? While it’s handy for waking you up in the morning, it’s not ideal. With vinyl you get the great look but without the discomfort. 

At CarpetStyle, we stock Cushion Floor vinyl. It’s supremely comfy and slip resistant too. No need to worry about sliding across the room after a bath. Our vinyl is quiet underfoot as well, thanks to the Cushion Floor technology. It’s available in 2-3-4 multi widths for your convenience.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Glasgow
Vinyl Flooring in Glasgow

Vüsta Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vüsta luxury vinyl flooring is an authentic and elegant option for your floor. Available in wood or stone, it looks nearly indistinguishable from natural flooring.

Vüsta’s cutting edge designs mean that you can have a slate or oak with all of the aesthetic appeal – without the luxury price tag. The vinyl flooring comes in planks or tiles to replicate natural flooring. This helps your luxury vinyl flooring look even more like the real thing. It even imitates the texture of stone and wood.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes with the same convenience you expect from a vinyl floor. Thanks to Vüsta’s PU finish, cleaning your floor is easier than ever. A simple brush, mop and vacuum will be all you need to keep it looking lovely. 

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